Lisa Neal

Writer & Storyteller

in Chatham County, North Carolina

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releases her new spoken-word CD

Living to Tell About It:

Dramatic Moments

 in the Life of a Southern Woman

in October 2006.

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 During the five-month process of recording ten true stories that I had written I came to know that each story was its own powerful "person", with a life all its own, beyond me.  The folks around me who have already heard this CD and met these "people" are enthusiastically affirming for me that these stories really are different, powerful, unique and inspirational, and really do need to get out into the bigger world.
Details and ordering information are below.  Lisa

CD Contents:

10 captivating stories totaling 77 minutes
Expect some mild profanity
All stories recorded in 2006

1. The Swimming Party (2004) 4:01
2. Little Piggies (2004) 4:14
3. No, Not Yet (1994) 8:49
4. The Map (1994) 4:09
5. The Paper Route (2006) 12:42
6. Fourth of July (1993) 8:59
7. Privacy (1994) 5:15
8. Two Tickets to Balcombe (2006) 14:13
9. Close Encounter (2006) 3:51
10. Jess and the Raccoon (2006) 10:44

Produced & Engineered by Joey Howell

Extra special thanks to my dear husband, Joey Howell, for all the hours he put into this and for his unique genius and wizardry and also for his encouragement and pampering and belief in me. Nobody else could have done it as well. Visit to check out his incredible artwork and music.

I owe a great debt to my buddies in the Shared Learning Writers' Group in Chapel Hill, North Carolina for their support for my stories and for encouraging me to record them instead of just writing them down.  These are my elder brother and sister storytellers of Personal History.  They kick butt.  Thank  you.

Ordering Information

 $10 per CD, plus s&h.

You can order & pay by mail OR do it on-line.

I keep shipping & handling charges super-low by re-using packaging materials.   Reduce-Reuse-Recycle

To order by mail,
Send me your name & mailing address (and email address if applicable) along with your check or m
oney order.  Indicate the quantity you are ordering ($10 per CD) and add in shipping & handling according to the chart below.  Mail to:
Lisa Neal
314 River Bend Road
Siler City, NC 27344 U.S.A.

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To U.S. Canada/Mexico International
One CD 1.00 1.50 2.75
Two CDs 1.50 2.25 4.75
Three CDs 2.00 3.00 6.75
Four CDs 2.50 4.25 9.00
Five CDs 4.00
4.25 9.00
Six CDs 4.00
5.50 10.25

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